Dear Neighbors,

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site, which provides valuable informational resources to residents of and visitors to the Walker Square neighborhood. As the representative of this part of the city on Milwaukee’s Common Council and a longtime resident, I know firsthand what this wonderful neighborhood has to offer.

Walker Square is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city — a melting pot within the melting pot, as some like to say — and provides no end of attractions. The Walker Square Farmers’ Market is one of the finest in the city, providing fresh produce to residents from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sundays and Thursdays during the warmer months. An engaged and active Walker Square Neighborhood Association works hard to organize events that improve our quality of life and bring us together as a community, like “Trick-or-Treat in the Park,” rummage sales and neighborhood cleanups. Many locally-owned businesses make the area their home, providing an economic hub for Milwaukee’s bustling near south side community and offering shopping, authentic dining experiences and a vibrant atmosphere.

All of these wonderful neighborhood attractions serve as a gateway to the economically-thriving Menomonee Valley and international tourist attractions like the Basilica of St. Josaphat, Potawatomi Casino and the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Please, if there’s anything my office at City Hall can do to be of assistance to you don’t hesitate to call at 286-2861. I look forward to meeting you or working with you out and about in the 12th Aldermanic District.

José G. Pérez
Alderman, 12th District

Time-Sensitive Resources

City of Milwaukee Resources

City of Milwaukee Online Service Request (Account Required)

Crime Resources

Tips for Deterring Crime

  1. Get to know your neighbors
  2. Replace burnt-out lights on your property and report broken street lights by calling 286-CITY
  3. Do not leave valuables visible in your car, even if it is locked
  4. Lock your windows and use a deadbolt on your door
  5. don’t leave valuables (like bikes) unattended in your yard

Crime, Nuisance & City Contact Information

Call the police! Calls made to 911 and 933-4444 are logged and recorded to find crime patterns and allocate extra patrol. When you call, identify the problem and give the exact address. This can be useful in taking further action against nuisance properties. If you don’t call, the Police may never know there is a problem in your area!

  • Police District 2 Department Website
  • 2016 Crime & Safety Trend Meeting Calendar All English meetings will be held on the third Thursday of every month at St. Anthony’s Keyser Hall.
  • 911: For emergency situations like fights, fires, gun shots, sexual assault, drug overdoses.
  • 935-7763: Complaints about prostitution activity.
  • 933-4444: Non-emergency situations like drug dealing, loud music, graffiti, public drinking.
  • 935-7222: District notifications, non-emergencies when a squad is not needed.
  • 286-2489: Other city issues like garbage, pot holes, street lights.
  • 672-8090: Community Prosecution Unit Coordinator, Clarissa Morales. Ongoing criminal or nuisance problems that occur from the address or with the same people. Email

District 2 Contact Information
Download and print these phone numbers and safety tips.

Department of Neighborhood Services

Contact: 414-286-2268

DNS takes care of:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Nuisance Vehicles
  • Works with the County Prosecutor Unit
  • Zoning — Signage/permits
  • Garbage/Litter

As a side note if there is an area of grass that is not being taken care of or snow that isn’t being plowed, such as the 13th street ramp, you can contact the DPW call center or the County Highway Division for the City of Milwaukee.

City of Milwaukee Forestry Department

Contact: 414-286-2489

The Forestry Dept takes care of:

  • Trees — Sidewalk and Curb
  • Private Lot Code Enforcements
  • Tall weeds and grass — properties not being maintained
  • Vacant Lot Maintenance (City owned lots not private)

Redevelopment Authority

Contact: 414-286-2489

Redevelopment Authority takes care of:

  • Buying/Selling/Maintenance of Redevelopment City owned land/building
  • Financing Economic lnfrastructure projects
  • Managed the land sale of the Menomonee Valley lndustrial Center (Palermo Area)
  • Works with Public Works with the design of parking and signage for that area

Redevelopment Owned and City Owned Property is different. An example of redevelopment owned property is the Storm Water park under the 35th Viaduct.

City of Milwaukee Parking Enforcement

Contact: 414-933-4444×1

Parking Enforcement takes care of:

  • Illegal parking complaints
  • Manage the tow lots

Additional Information:

If you have a sidewalk in front of your property that needs to be fixed, contact the DPW call center 414-286-2268. They will send out an inspector and let you know what the city’s next steps will be. Ask for the Streets and Bridges Manager.

Trees in the valley are on a 6 year pruning cycle. These are the trees that are on the sidewalk. If you feel that the trees in your area need more pruning then what is being done, contact the DPW call center 414-286-2489 and they will take care of it.

lllegal dumping: 1-800-78-CRIME, up to $1,000 reward

KGMB — (Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful) 414-272-5462

Home Improvement Resources

Walker Square Neighborhood Association Resources

Print and use these forms supplied by the WSNA.