About Walker Square

0705000183-lThe Neighborhood

The Walker Square Neighborhood is part of the much larger Walker’s Point area of Milwaukee. The boundaries of Walker Square are Greenfield Avenue to the south, the canal or Pierce/Bruce/Virginia Streets to the north, 6th Street to the east and 16th Street to the west. The center of the neighborhood is Walker Square Park, one of the first three public parks in the city of Milwaukee. Donated by Col. George Walker to the city in 1836, the park is now home to a summer Farmer’s Market, wading pool and playground and offers 2+ acres of greenspace to play and relax in. The Walker Square Neighborhood Association meets monthly to support community issues impacting residents, business owners, landlords and tenants.


Walker Square was established by Col. George Walker, one of the three founders of Milwaukee, and settled by Polish, German and Ukranian immigrants throughout the first half of the 20th century. Populated largely by immigrant Mexican workers in the 1960s and 1970s, it soon became a destination for a variety of Latin and other cultures. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, African-Americans, South Americans and Asians have made this area home, where diversity is respected and ethnic differences are encouraged to thrive. Home to first-, second- and third generation immigrants, the Walker Square Neighborhood is a cross section of cultures.

Area Businesses

Walker Square has a business corridor on National Ave. from 6th St. to 16th St. (Cesar Chavez Dr.), and another on Cesar Chavez Dr. from Greenfield Ave. to Pierce St. A warehouse and industrial area borders the Menomonee River and several small restaurants and cafes are spread across the neighborhood. The United Community Center — which includes two schools, elder housing, a fitness center, a boxing club, a restaurant, an arts group and much more — has provided services to the community for 40 years.

Primed for Growth

As Walker’s Point becomes the next hot neighborhood with the addition of the Iron Horse Hotel,  the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, the Global Water Center, MKE Brewing Company, Great Lakes Distillery and a growing selection of hipster bars, restaurants and coffee shops, Walker Square is primed for growth as an affordable residential neighborhood. Below-average housing prices, quick highway access, good public transportation and a short walk or bike ride to Downtown, Bayview, and even Miller Park combine to make the Walker Square Neighborhood a great place to relocate to.